Speak About It is a performance-based presentation about consent, boundaries and healthy relationships designed specifically for a college audience. The 50-60 minute performance is a combination of humorous yet provocative skits, interactive dialogue, and powerful monologues. Speak About It is the wisdom of an array of mistakes, misfortunes, successes, and perspectives; a compilation of true […]

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Speak About It is proud to offer a number of services and performances, all of which are able to travel to your institution. Performances: Speak About It is a performance about consent, boundaries, and healthy relationships geared specifically for a high school or college audience. This program features a custom script for each performance and […]


The 2013 cast with the JA's at Williams College, all of whom had seen Speak About It as first-years in 2011

Speak About It has affected the lives of thousands of high school and college students across the country each year. But there are still many more conversations to be had about consent education and sexual assault prevention.   And we can’t do it without you. Your tax-deductible gift will: • Inspire students to change their […]

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If you’re interested in bringing Speak About It to your institution or you have questions about the process of writing or submitting stories, please please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We can be reached: by email at speakaboutitonline@gmail.com or by snail mail at: 51 Park St. #5 Portland, ME 04101


  • Where does your school stand?

    Is your school making the grade?

    Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER) has partnered with the Huffington Post this month as part of a larger Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month effort to create dialogue about sexual assault, especially on college campuses. They’ve been doing some great pieces about bringing praise and recognition to student activists and calling attention to administrative […]

  • Liz Lemon knows awkward.

    So, what’s the point?

    As you’re hopefully picking up by now through our barrage of social media posts and local events, we’re in the throes of a monthlong fundraising campaign to raise awareness and action for sexual assault prevention. Last week, we saw two awesome local events in Portland: a night of fundraising and bowling on Monday at Bayside […]

  • Let's talk about why this is problematic.

    Football, Violent Crime, and our Hero Worship

    Today, we’re cross-posting an article from Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s Cara Courchesne (who has also acted for Speak About It, way back when) about the New York Times’ most recent article on campus sexual assault. Her post for the Bangor Daily News focuses on the intersection between athletics and our cultural reactions to violent […]

  • Not exactly what we mean...

    I’m the Active Bystander!

    Maybe you’ve been there before. You’re at a bar, or a college house party, and you’ve had a couple more drinks than you normally do, stumbling and slurring a little more than your normal party self. Maybe you’re talking to a cute friend or a classmate a stranger you just met who has like the […]

  • From the NSVRC

    Supporting Military Survivors

    The conversation about sexual assault in the military has been vast and ongoing, especially over the past few months. Recent spotlights have been on athletes, generals, and preventing military commanders from prosecuting in sexual assault cases. A 2012 documentary called “The Invisible War” shines a light on “the biggest coverup in military history.” In a […]

  • Cute, but that's not the "rabbit" we're talking about.

    For Adults, too.

    That’s right, toys can be for adults, too. Following on the heels of yesterday’s fundraiser at Bayside Bowl in Portland, we figured we’d toss you a post about toys. Today’s #30daysofSpeakAboutIt post is from Julia Bond of “It’s Not That Weird.” According to their site: It’s Not That Weird is an attitude that was born […]

  • For the Cocksman who likes consent, we give you this condom.

    Condoms for all?

    Tonight is our fundraiser at Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME, which means Shana was out picking up condoms to leave on the tables. Our First Annual April performance in Portland three years ago was at a bar, Shana wanted to have consent-themed cocktails. No, this doesn’t mean non-alcoholic cocktails, it means cocktails that promote consent, […]

  • Poster may be NSFW.

    Two Events Next Week!

    That’s right, we’re more than just blog posts this month! We’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes and are excited to announce TWO awesome events happening in Portland, ME in April (both happening next week). The Board of Directors has been working hard to keep up with the blog posts, and the actors are ready to knock […]

  • Do you know your IX?

    Campus SaVE: Is your school compliant?

    You’ve probably heard of the Campus SaVE Act if you’re a college student, someone active in the movement against sexual violence,  you actively read the Huffington Post, or a combination of all three. Otherwise, the Campus SaVE act probably means relatively little to you. But it’s big news. This year, the Huffington Post launched an […]

  • W&M boasts the first collegiate fraternal organizations in the country, dating back to 1776.

    A Review from William and Mary

    Alright, it’s not really from the actual College, but it’s a darn close second: a Greek sorority leader. This short review of the program and subsequent impact was written after our performance at The College at the end of March. William and Mary had been in the news in recent months, in part because of actions […]